Farm, Business, & Family Insurance Services

From our conveniently located office near First and Main Street in Downtown Walla Walla, Walla Walla Insurance Services is poised to service the needs of farmers, business owners and families. Although licensed in California, Oregon and Washington States, our service area is dominated by the communities in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we avoid being limited to offer the policies of one insurance company. Rather, we offer several types of farm, business and family insurance plans with numerous companies. Recognizing that there has never been one insurance company that can well service the needs for a broad range of customers, we will help you find the policy with the right company and coverage to meet your needs and your budget.

We are proud to serve the Walla Walla and our surrounding communities

During your next visit to Downtown Walla Walla for coffee, dining out or shopping, bring your policies by for a review. You do not need an appointment. Our consultative approach to evaluate your insurance needs will help you secure quality policies competitively prices and then manage them over the long term.

More policyholders are attracted to purchasing policies through a toll-free phone number or over the internet through a computer software program. Communication problems are prevalent. Lack of understanding of coverage and policies limitations are frequently not discovered until a claim is denied. In a way, we offer old fashioned insurance …. It comes with an agent.

Call us at 509.527.8702 or Request a Quote today for more information about our insurance services.